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Tantrums offer children spa party services in the privacy and comfort of your home, hotel or venue. 

Pampering Albany, NY, Capital Region and Beyond, We Bring The “Spa Party”  Experience To You!

We offer a full range of services that cater to children ages 17 and younger.  Build your own custom party and choose from DIY crafts, facials, manicures, pedicures, hair styling, creations stations, airbrush tattoos, glamour makeovers and more.  Whether it’s a birthday party, sweet 16, fundraiser, or just because, our “Spa Party Experience” is guaranteed to be a memorable and enjoyable one. 


  Tantrums was created with the purpose of encouraging our youth to strengthen relationships with each other, improve self-esteem and of course have fun!!

Embracing a positive self-image is both an inner and outer achievement.  It’s not just about dressing up, celebrating and getting pampered.  It’s about respecting ourselves and realizing our worth.  From the very beginning to the end of your event not only will our friendly, professionally trained staff make you look magnificent on the outside, you will be motivated on the inside as well. 

Tantrums  is more than just a party company – We are a Movement!!!


Email:  TantrumsSpaParties@gmail.com

Call:     (518) 506-3133

Website:  www.TantrumsSpaExperience.com

Write:   Tantrums, PO Box 3, Albany, NY 12201


Tantrums is a registered business name in the state of New York.


Who is Tantrums? TOP


We are not just another party company.  We are a stress reliever for parents, a positive example for our youth and the source of endless smiles and laughter for all the children in the community.  Tantrums is a spa salon & party company that travels to a location of your choice.  Our goal is to turn your home or venue into a marvelous party fantasy. 

What is a Spa Party? TOP

A spa party is just like any other party only the party theme is centered around spa services.  Parties range from 1.5 to 3 hrs depending on experience, age of children and guest list size.  We are not a company claiming to offer spa salon services in order for you to purchase our products.  We provide all spa salon services.  You can relax knowing you and your guest will not be pressured into buying our products or upgrading services.  This is an “ party experience” like no other. 

How do I host a party? TOP

Choose a team leader to work with the Consultant (too many contact people can cause a crash collision).  Decide on a date, location and guest you want to invite.  Next decide if you would like a theme, food, party extras such as (crafts, karaoke, make spa products, airbrush tattoos & more).  Finally you will need to choose what services you want to include.  Services range from hair styling, pedicures, facials, photography, manicures & more.  Once we have a signed contract and deposit your date is secure and your Professional Consultant will contact you to discuss the details of event.

How many guests do I need to host a party? TOP

To get the best for your money we suggest you have a minimum of 6 guests at your party.

I don’t see a “party experience” to fit my needs? Can I mix and match? TOP

Our A La Cart Party Stations can be mixed and matched to meet your unique needs.  The parties experiences listed are the most popular packages our clients call about.  We encourage you to visit our Spa Parties, Party Experiences, A La Cart Party Stations, DIY Party Packs 2 Go, & Special pages for services that are perfect to mix & match..

What can I expect from your team of Professionals? TOP

Your Professional Consultant will consult with you in advance to develop a detailed plan and create a schedule to determine the right amount of professionals so you can take pleasure in the experience.  When the day is scheduled, we will email you a complete itinerary and all agreement forms.  Once you receive them, it is your responsibility to contact us to make any changes.  When you are satisfied with itinerary, please return all agreement forms to us 2 weeks prior to your party date.  Three days before event we will give you a courtesy call to remind you.  This will be the FINAL time you are allowed to make changes on agreement.  On the day of event, we will arrive at least ½ hour prior to set up (depending on services).

When will your staff come to set up décor and equipment? TOP

We will arrive ½ hour prior to your scheduled event to set up décor and equipment for all party experiences.  All Event/Party Stations require very little décor therefore we will arrive 15-20 minutes prior to set up.

What do I need to provide? TOP

We bring everything needed to create the perfect party environment.  Towels, dividers, crafts, equipment, dress-up clothes, supplies, décor, candles etc.  Our only requests are that you have running water, table, chairs, outlets and clear space for our stations.  A living room or a den area is usually where we set up.  Please let us know how much space is available.

What if we are running late? TOP

Tantrums understands when parties are running late therefore we allow a 15 min grace period.  Anytime after 15 minutes, Tantrums will charge a $1 per minute fee to cover the extra expenses we will incur. 

Please be mindful that more than one party/event could be reserved on the same day therefore ending time will remain the same.

What if a guest arrives late / no show? TOP

All “Tantrums Parties & Experiences” are on a schedule.  In the event a guest arrives late, they can still join party already in progress.  Please encourage all guests to arrive 10 minutes prior to start time.  In the event a guest does not show you will still be charged for the final head count as agreed.


Inclement Weather or Illness? TOP

On some occasions we know weather may cause the delay or rescheduling of a party.  If weather is a problem, not only will it be hard for our staff to show, but your guest as well.  We will be happy to work with you to schedule the next available date.  If the guest of honor (name on contract) becomes ill, we will gladly reschedule (next available date), within a 30 day time frame.  We reserve the right to cancel any event and offer an alternative party date.

Who takes care of a guest if they become ill, are a behavior problem, or do not want to participate? TOP

Guests who do not wish to participate will need to be attended to by you. We are not responsible for the behavior of the guests.  Tantrums is responsible for hosting your party and engaging the guests in a constant activity. Good behavior is always promoted, but it is your responsibility to monitor and take charge if a guest is not behaving, becomes ill, or does not wish to participate. 

Can siblings of the guests stay? TOP

Yes, guest of the siblings can stay but please remember that our party packages cover only the guest of honor and their guests. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate unexpected guests or siblings of guests, as we prepare our parties based on the final head count given to us prior to the party.

What do you do with the pictures you take? TOP

Tantrums reserve all rights to use pictures taken for promotional use.  All children who attend parties hosted by Tantrums are subjected to this rule.  Please be aware that Tantrums will not use pictures for anything other than advertising & marketing for our company.   

Do you provide professional Cosmetology/Spa services? TOP

All parties ages 17 and under receive “Tantrums Party Experiences”.  These experiences are inspired by professional services.  They are strictly for entertainment purposes only.  However to ensure the best possible service all staff are professional trained and some are already licensed cosmetologist.  All staff receives continuing education from owner A NYS Licensed Cosmetologist.  If you would like to receive your “Experiences” from our group of Professional Licensed Cosmetologist, please inquire.  We will be happy to assist you with that matter.

Is there a travel fee? TOP

The first 25 miles are complimentary.  For locations out of the 25 mile radius of 12204 zip code (Albany, NY) a flat fee of $35 - $75 will be assessed.  Please use map quest to see if your location is more than 25 miles. 

Why do I have to pay for my total services in advance? TOP

For groups of 4 or more advance payment is required.  Tantrums provide on-site spa, salon and party services that require a significant amount of pre-planning to make event a success.  Unlike other spa salons (you travel to) we are a hospitality service that comes to you.  We require a consultation and a signed agreement prior to all events, in which makes your balance due in advance.  This guarantees all services requested with no last minute charges for you to worry about.  We want to provide the best possible service leaving our clients and their guest with nothing but laughter and smiles!

Is tax and gratuity included in final contract quote? TOP

Initially services do not include taxes. All sale taxes will be added to bill upon final contract review.

If you are pleased with our services it is customary to give a gratuity to your professionals. We ask that all gratuities be made to your professional consultant so our staff won’t have to be responsible for any financial decisions for the company.  This applies to all spa salon services performed on groups of 4 or more. 

Can I make reservations online? TOP

Reservation request can be made on-line.  Click on the Reserve a Party link to request a booking date for your exclusive event.  Once reservation has been made one of our Professional Consultants will contact you to verify your request and answer any other questions you may have.

Can I pay for services online? TOP

Yes, we gladly accept payments online using a credit/debit card.  Please be aware that some payments are “deposits” only & therefore will require an electronic invoice sent via email for the remainder balance due.

Can I mail my deposit to you? TOP

We will accept money orders, cash or checks for deposits and final payment.  You will still need to have a credit/debit card on file.  Please send all deposits to:  Tantrums, 19 Emmet St, Albany, NY 12204.  All checks received for final payment must be received at least 5 business days before party/event.  Please do not send “cash” through the mail.  We will not be held responsible for cash that is lost in the mail. 

Why are deposits non-refundable? TOP

Due to the nature and popularity of our business all deposits are non-refundable.  Please refer to our Client Agreement Form for more information on our cancellation policy.  However, we will work with you to reschedule the next available date within 30 days after cancellation.  

What if I still have more questions? TOP

Please feel free to contact us at: (518) 506-3133

Email at: TantrumsSpaParties@gmail.com

Write to: Tantrums, 19 Emmet St., Albany, NY 12204

Website:  www.TantrumsSpaExperience.com

One of our Professional Consultants will respond to your request by the next business day.

How do I apply for employment with Tantrums? TOP

If you would like information on becoming a Tantrums Employee, send resume to: TantrumsSpaParties@gmail.com.  Serious Inquires Only!!! 

We ask that you have:

· Reliable transportation

· Experience with children ages 3-17

· Minimum of 2 references

We welcome High School and College applicants!!!


What are some reasons to have “Tantrum Party Experiences”? TOP

  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Final Exam Prep
  • Holiday
  • Dance Recitals
  • Report Cards
  • Church Retreats
  • Girl/Boy Scout Outings
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
  • Quincenaras
  • Going Away Parties
  • Congratulations
  • Pre- Prom/Formal
  • Family Reunion
  • Fundraisers


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