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Empowering positive change on the inside and out thru

Dedication, Respect, Etiquette, Ambition, & Morals.


DREAM was established to develop confident & honorable young ladies by allowing them to build self esteem & leadership skills through etiquette, goal setting, charm, & other empowering workshops.

DREAM is an educational enrichment program dedicated to building strong, confident & respectful young ladies through specific task & workshops that encourages them to DREAM beyond their wildest dreams.  Dream Girls will have the opportunity to work effectively & cooperatively with other positive young girls & young adults from the community.  Dream Girls will all attend DREAM’S Charm School where they will take workshops in learning proper etiquette, leadership skills, charm, skin & hygiene care, classical dancing, community outreach, sista hood, bully proofing yourself & so much more. 

If you are interested in your daughter being a part of something special, while learning important life skills, accepting positive change, building self-esteem & being a lady.  Contact us at:  Tantrums.DREAM@gmail.com or (518) 506-3133.  Please include in the subject "Tantrums DREAM". 


Etiquette will never go out of style.


Building confidence and self esteem on the inside and out thru D.R.E.A.M.


(Dedication, Respect, Etiquette, Ambition, Morals)




DREAMS Promises and Commitments

Help to make every DREAM Girls life amazing

Provide guest speakers that are positive influences

Celebrate every kind of beauty and religion

Provide activities and events for all workshops and seminars

Work with every DREAM Girl to find their uniqueness

Help you to make the best choices for you and your body

Give you confidence on the inside and outside

Provide workshops and seminars geared to producing positive change

Provide all awards, tiaras and certificates to all DREAM Girls who complete the

workshop and seminar classes






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